About Us

8891 Media, Inc. is dedicated to empowering opinion and thought leaders with innovative ideas and insights. Our major brands – LineKicker, DefenseRazor, Afrivelli, Govblic, Certigogy, and Politiza reach leaders in major sectors ranging from – business, defence and security, travel and leisure, government, consumer, and technology to mention but a few. Our astonishing repertoire of products on digital, social and mobile platforms when fully implemented will reach an African/global audience of 11 million monthly.

Our pulsating media assets, products and services are built upon expertly-written contents and actionable data to create the fastest growing and most trusted brand over the internet from the African continent. All our media portals will serve news, commentaries, advice and community exchange. The internet is our core platform to reach out to our audience and where and when necessary especially on commemorative events, and accompanying print copy will be available.