1. 8891 Media Services Inc. advertisements meet the highest standards. In particular, 8891 Media Services, Inc. advertisements adhere to local laws and regulations and other applicable guidelines for advertising. 8891 Media Services, Inc. creates advertising that is truthful, substantiated, not misleading and in good public taste. Advertisers are responsible for adhering to all laws, rules and guidelines, and 8891 Media Services, Inc. always reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement or require the elimination or revision of any advertiser content. Advertisers are always fully responsible for their advertisements and may not imply a 8891 Media Services, Inc. endorsement or partnership of any kind. Advertisements may not include content that infringes upon or violates the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights.
  • On the overall, 8891 Media Services, Inc. respects the right of advertisers to advertise with us in order to reach our audience. Such advertising should be clearly presented as advertising and not disguised as editorial content. Where there is confusion 8891 Media Services, Inc. will normally put the words “Paid Ad” on the banner. Content or articles that are paid for shall be labeled as “Advertorials” or “Branded Content” or “Paid Partnership”.
  • Further to this, 8891 Media Services, Inc. prohibits advertisements from making references to social ills such as vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, pornographic materials or nudity. Nor may advertisements be threatening, abusive, harassing or hateful (racially, ethnically or otherwise) or otherwise objectionable in light of community norms and standards.
  • More importantly, advertising does not affect 8891 Media Services, Inc. editorial coverage. Our editorial will remain free of advertising influence and will continue to report independently.
  • For a thorough understanding of the 8891 Media Services, Inc. Advertising Policy, kindly contact hello@8891media.com


  • The acceptance or rejection of a paid or sponsored content and topic is fully under the discretion of the 8891 Media Services, Inc. editorial team. 
  • All paid or sponsored content to be published on 8891 Media Services, Inc. platforms shall be clearly labelled and marked as branded content or paid partnership, where applicable, with (a) name of advertiser/ sponsor/ corporation/ brand/ products and (b) tag and handshake as paid partnership with advertiser’s social media page.